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(Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays * Excluding public holidays)

Banquets and Meetings





THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort The restaurant of Dining that the seasonal taste of Kyushu can be enjoyed

The main dining room boasting a wonderful view unique to the resort,
We will entertain you with cuisine using seasonal ingredients from Kyushu, such as a Japanese feast that welcomes you in the finest space, and a teppanyaki steak house.


The lounge on the water

Main Dining | The Lounge on the Water

A restaurant with a view of the pool and a palm tree-lined garden for that resort feel. 
Enjoy our Italian-style cuisine with seasonal local Kyushu ingredients.

Steak house Medium Rare

Steak House Medium Rare

Featuring Japanese Black wagyu beef, Medium Rare also grills up fresh seafood caught in the Genkai seas and across Kyushu, fresh locally-grown vegetables, and other seasonal ingredients. 
Savor the natural flavors of the ingredients at this teppanyaki-style steak house.



You can enjoy a menu with a variety of Kyushu delicacies that are unique to Hakata.
We also have counter seats and private rooms with a lively atmosphere that craftsmen tailor in front of you.
Please enjoy the seasonal Japanese hospitality.


Seasonal & Outdoor

Seasonal barbecue and terrace restaurant.
You can enjoy the ingredients carefully selected by the chef while watching the Hakata Bay bustling with the large lawn by the pool.


Luigans Farm

THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort Let's take some vegetables from our own farm "Louigans Farm"
Available at each restaurant. Please enjoy the vegetables of pesticide-free cultivation using underground water rich in minerals.