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THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort

Terms of service

THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort In order to ensure that customers can use safely and comfortably, we have established the following usage rules based on Article 10 of the Conditions of Accommodation, so please cooperate.
If you can not comply with these rules, you must not refuse to stay and use the facilities in the hotel, and you may be liable for damages incurred by the hotel, so please be especially careful.

About use of guest room

  1. Please check the evacuation route map from the room as it is described inside the room door.
  2. Please be sure to lock your door lock and door guard while staying in the room, especially when you go to bed.
  3. When knocked on the door, open the door with the door guard on. In addition, please do not open the door carelessly when visiting a suspicious person, please contact the reception.
  4. Please note that we will charge 30,000 yen as a cleaning fee if there is a smell that can not be easily removed from smoking and smoking in the room.
  5. Please refrain from acts that cause other fires.
  6. Please do not use anything that is likely to cause fire such as firearms for heating, cooking etc. in the room.
  7. Please do not use the room for the purpose other than accommodation such as sales act (exhibition, party etc.) without permission of the hotel.
  8. Please do not move the equipment in the room without permission of the hotel, or make a construction in the room or modify the present condition significantly by remodeling.
  9. Please do not put anything on the window side that would damage the appearance of the hotel.
  10. Please contact the lobby after 10 pm for visitors.
  11. Please note that non-registered guests are strictly prohibited.

About the room key

  1. Please make sure to bring your room key and check the lock before leaving the room during your stay.

About payment etc

  1. Please check at reception when you leave. Please note that you may be required to make a payment at any time during your stay.
  2. Please note that we may be required to make a deposit upon arrival.
  3. I will refuse the change such as shopping charges, ticket charges, taxi charges, postage stamps charges, luggage postage, etc.
  4. In addition to the legal tax, we will add 10% as a service fee, so we will refuse to keep in mind.

About valuables and receipts

  1. We can not keep your cash, securities and other valuables in your room.
  2. Processing of lost property in the hotel will be stored for a certain period by the hotel, and will be handled in accordance with the Lost Property Law thereafter.
  3. If you do not contact us after the designated period of time, we will process the deposit in the store room as the one without the intention of taking over for the next period.

    (1) Receipt at Cloak 1 month

    (2) Storage in the store room 1 month

Please do not bring in the following things that would annoy other customers at the hotel, or conduct.

  1. Animals, birds and other pets
  2. Explosives, volatile oil, other flammable or flammable materials
  3. An offensive odor
  4. Types of guns, swords, stimulants, etc. that are prohibited to possess by law
  5. Bring food and drink from outside the hotel
  6. Behavior that disturbs the person who
  7. Get in public spaces other than the second floor to the seventh floor with bathrobes and slippers
  8. Distribution of advertising materials, sale of goods, solicitation, etc.
  9. Taking photos in the hotel without permission of the hotel and using photos taken in the hotel for business purposes
  10. Access to non-customer facilities such as emergency stairs, rooftops, machine rooms, etc. except in emergencies or unavoidable circumstances

In the event of damage, contamination, or loss of buildings, equipment, or other items due to reasons other than force majeure, you may be compensated for a significant amount.