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THE SPA LUZ del sol

THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort Spa Relaxing mind spa "The spa-Rus del Sol-"

Fukuoka's only resort hotel spa
Outside, the sea, sky, and lawn stretch out forever, and the vibrant colors are unique to a resort.
Inside the spa, you can feel the comfort of natural materials while relaxing with aromatic scents.
Enjoy the ultimate retreat for adults where your skin, mind, and body will be reborn.



Superb spa unique to a resort hotel

THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort It is a relaxing time to spend a relaxing time in a location surrounded by nature.
Customized using the spa brand "YON-KA" products and tailored to one person
Please enjoy "Haute Couture Treatment".


Treatment menu

In addition to facial, body and total menus, various options and set menus are available.
In addition, treatment for wedding is substantial. Please consult your favorite treatment according to your worries.


Treatment room

The earth color is unified around materials of natural origin such as rattan and hemp.
We have prepared treatment rooms with sunshine and twin rooms to enjoy in pairs.
A relaxing and relaxing space invites you to a luxurious moment where you can taste the resort's extraordinary everyday.


Spa boutique

Spend time at home surrounded by rich natural scents such as lavender and rosemary. At "The Spa-Rus del Sol-"
We sell spa products so that you can recreate your blissful time at home. Starting with the "YON-KA" brand such as cleansing, gommage, lotion, serum, cream, mask, sunscreen, etc.
We also offer original after-tea served after the treatment.