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(平日 12:00~18:00、土日祝 9:00~18:00)


THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort Wedding Ceremony in an eternally memorable location

A chapel that can be selected from 5 areas such as indoors and gardens. It is only here that makes use of this location
The ceremony is a moment when you can not forget it.
(Christian-style, public-style, God-style available)

The Music Hall On The Ocean

The Music Hall on the Ocean

海からも空からも祝福を受ける、贅沢なオーシャンビューが魅力のチャペル「ザ・ミュージックホール オン ザ オーシャン」。きらめく海に続くバージンロードを歩くお二人を、大きな窓から差し込む自然光が包みます。1日1組様限定の独立型チャペルで、絶景のオーシャンビューを貸し切り、特別な誓いのひとときをお過ごしいただけます。

The Music Hall On The Green

The music hall on the green

海のブルーと植物のグリーンの両方が感じられるチャペル「ザ・ミュージックホール オン ザ グリーン」。サイドには緑あふれるガーデンが囲み、バージンロードの進む先、正面の窓の向こうには真っ青な海。木のぬくもりと自然光に溢れた、ホテル館内のチャペルです。


Garden & seaside

A vast garden on the hotel grounds. A wedding ceremony in an outdoor chapel specially set up in a garden full of nature facing the sea. The inspiring ceremony of swearing love for the sparkling sea is deeply engraved in the hearts of the attendees. The sky and the sea that stretches forever. A longed-for seaside wedding in a location where a pleasant sea breeze blows through.
It is also possible to hold a wedding ceremony with a pet such as a ring dog by a pet dog.



The wedding ceremony at the chapel, which is specially set up for the outdoor pool, is also a romantic option unique to the hotel. The ceremony by the poolside where the sea and the green spread in front of you will remain forever in the hearts of you and your guests. THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort Evening ceremonies are also popular according to the light-up.


Dolphin ceremony

A dream-like ceremony to receive blessings from the dolphins of "Marine World". At the Dolphin Ceremony, dolphins celebrate with a splendid jump on the show poolside.

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(平日 12:00~18:00、土日祝 8:45〜18:00)
火曜・水曜定休 ※祝祭日除く)