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THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort Topics

[STAY] Luigans Retreat Plan

Feel the majestic nature with your five senses. Spend a blissful time "re-examining yourself" here at Luigans.

[EVENT] The Cinema Night Fukuoka

A tradition of Louis Guns. Please enjoy the masterpiece while feeling the refreshing night breeze.

[ANNIVERSARY] Proposal support

The dedicated proposal concierge will support your proposal only for two people.

【DINNER】Resort Christmas 2023


[INFO] Guidance on accommodation coupons for the sightseeing campaign "New Fukuoka's secluded trip"

This is the information about accommodation coupons for the "new fukuoka secluded trip" tourism campaign for travelers from all over the country.

[STAY] Stay with your dog | DOG FRIENDLY PLAN

In response to your requests, we have created a plan that allows you to stay with your dog. Enjoy a resort trip with your dog for your family trip.

[INFO] Information about sales

Regarding business after June 2023, we will partially change the guidance hours and will be closed.

[RESTAURANT] 29th of every month is “meat day”

The 29th of every month is called Meat Day, and you can enjoy the meat menu at a special price.

Uminaka Tabi | Uminonakamichi, Saitozaki x Shikanoshima

Fully enjoy the Uminonakamichi, Saitozaki x Shikanoshima area! Luigans is also participating in "Uminakatabi".


Japan's first container-type sauna located in the Luigans lawn area. Please enjoy the high-quality relaxing space at the resort.