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ACTIVITIES THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort Activities

There's an abundance of activities to enjoy in the vicinity of the hotel: the vicinity of the hotel: strolling among the natural attractions of Uminonakamichi Seaside Park or Shikanoshima;
marine recreation in Hakata Bay; serious sports like tennis and golf; and such easygoing pastimes as making the rounds of tourist spots or just following your curiosity where it leads among the charming byways of Hakata.


ACTIVITY MAP | Activity Map

We have created a map of activities that can be enjoyed not only within Luigans, but also on Uminonakamichi and Shika Island.
The available times and prices for each activity are also listed, so please use this to plan your trip to the fullest.
For our guests, we have prepared a morning routine that you can participate in every day of the week. For more informationHere


EAT | Restaurant

The pool and palm tree in front of you. We will entertain you with dishes using seasonal ingredients of Kyushu, such as all-day dining boasting a wonderful view unique to the resort, a Japanese treat that welcomes you in the finest space, and a teppanyaki steakhouse.


In front of you is a vast lawn of approximately 8,000 tsubo and Hakata Bay. Feel the wind swaying the palm trees in the midst of magnificent nature, and enjoy a relaxing BBQ as if you were spending time at a tropical resort.
*Business days for 2024 have been decided!


POOL | Pool

A deep blue pool surrounded by palm trees. The location is like a tropical resort, with nothing to obstruct your view, the piercing blue sky and the ocean blue of Hakata Bay. There is also a night pool that is lit up at night, creating a fantastic space where light and nature intertwine. *Pool business days for 2024 have been decided!


This is the 14th year of "The Cinema Night Fukuoka". A large screen prepared outdoors in the vastness of nature. A special food booth is also available on the days of Cinema Night. Lie down on the lawn and enjoy the masterpieces while feeling the refreshing summer night breeze, surrounded by the darkening sky. *Summer only

Marine World / Umi no Nakamichi Kaihin Park

Around the hotel, there is the Marine Ecological Science Museum "Marine World" and Fukuoka's national park "Uminonakamichi Seaside Park", which boasts a vast site of approximately 2.92 million square meters.

Period: All year

Marine World: 3 minutes walk from the hotel
Seaside Park: 5 minutes walk from the hotel
Tickets can be purchased


I hope we can help you add color to your visit with art that stimulates your sensibilities ... We hope that your life will be enriched by touching on wonderful works and the thoughts of artists. It is a project that started with such a feeling. I wish you a wonderful encounter with a wonderful work.

DOG FRIENDLY | With your dog

You can spend time with your dog in the vast site of about 8,000 tsubo. At the photo spots throughout the building, take a commemorative photo to remember your trip. Of course, you can spend time together in your room. Spend the extraordinary life at the resort in your ocean-view rooms with your loved ones.


SPA | Spa

The SPA "THE SPA-luz del sol-" in Luigans uses the French organic skin care brand "YON-KA". The therapist will provide counseling, and haute couture skin care and treatments tailored to your skin condition and worries will help you relax your mind and body. Make your time at the resort even more special with the finest retreats at the ocean-view resort.

SANTENA | Santena

There is a private container-type sauna in the center of the vast lawn area. There is also a self-leil in the warehouse with the scent of cypress. There are also aroma stones where you can enjoy your favorite aroma, so you can enjoy the aroma and the scent of wood. In the cold water bath, jump into the outdoor pool and take a bath in the open air while feeling the breeze of the palm tree. How about a unique experience where you can feel the resort with your whole body?


Located in a magnificent location overlooking the ocean, the hotel offers a variety of seasonal yoga lessons, including weekly activity yoga in the morning, where you can face yourself in nature. It is also available for guests who don't stay at the hotel.


You can experience zazen right here with the chief priest of Shikanoshima Shogonji Temple. We invite you to spend a refreshing morning interlude enfolded in the fragrance of incense. Not only hotel guests, but anyone having breakfast here is free to participate at no charge.


All rooms have ocean views, and Hakata Bay offers a spectacular view of the rising sun. The road of the rising sun shining in the sea, the brightly dyed sky of the sun. The view of the palm trees lined up on the beach is like a tropical resort. Get up a little early and enjoy a walk along the beach.


"Uminonakamichi Cycle Station" provides a bicycle rental service. You can use it for walks in a variety of areas, from Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, which is rich in nature, to Shikanoshima Island, along the public road along the coast.

Saitozaki Seaside Country Club

A golf course located on Uminonakamichi. A seaside course that slopes down to the sea with a wonderful view of the Genkainada Sea from Shikanoshima Island. We also accept reservations for visitor-only play and club rentals.


Tennis courts are available for booking and use at Uminonakamichi Tennis. Since you can also rent rackets, shoes, and lockers, there’s no need to plan ahead. You can just come empty-handed.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking in a spacious and calm sea. You can relax and enjoy your own pace while feeling a pleasant sea breeze. Instructors will accompany you, so even beginners can participate with peace of mind. (* Closed in winter)


Hakata Bay Cruising will take you on a cruise in the refreshing sea breeze from Uminonakamichi Tennis past such defining sights of Fukuoka as Fukuoka Tower, Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome, Hakata Wharf, and the island of Nokonoshima. Available for small groups.

SUP cruising

Standing on a large surfboard and paddling is like walking on the sea. By paddling with paddles, you can develop a sense of balance, and at the same time, you can exercise muscles and exercise your body. Please spend extravagant luxury while watching the beautiful scenery on SUP. (* Closed in winter)


Segway tours are held at Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, where you can't go out on foot, such as the beautiful coast overlooking the Genkai Pass and the Flower Museum. Segway that allows you to feel as if you were part of your body with an intuitive operation method. It does not require special motor nerves, muscle strength, or balance, so it is recommended for people of all ages.