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luigans floor

THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort The rooms of Luigans floor

Luigans floor where you can enjoy a high-quality resort stay with a carefully selected interior.
Furniture ordered from Mexico related to Luis Barragán, a master of modern architecture representing the 20th century,
Everything including the bed linen is of high quality.
You can choose from twin, double, deluxe twin and balcony twin.


33 m2
Two persons ¥ 43,200-

33 m2
Two persons ¥ 43,200-
Deluxe Twin

44 m2
Two persons ¥ 49,400-
Balcony twin

34 m2
Two persons ¥ 49,400-



  • Bath amenities (Cartousia * 1)
  • Skin care kit
  • towel
  • Hair Dryer
  • Night wear
  • Sheets and duvet covers (100% cotton bed linen)
  • Mini-bar free (sparkling wine, alcohol, soft drinks)
  • Wireless LAN Internet connection
  • Audio (BOSE audio system)
  • 4K LCD TV (VOD service)
  • Air purifier with humidification function
  • Electric kettle
  • Coffee machine
  • Weight scale
  • Shoe care set
  • Yoga mat
  • Safe box