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ザ・ルイガンズ.のウェディング ザ トリート ドレッシングのウェディングドレス

NY, Paris, Milan, London ... Visit ateliers around the world and select the latest dresses.
It is our original brand which started from the thought of wanting to shine Japanese bride.


Make Japanese brides more lovely and more beautiful

It is something that everyone loves, that gives off a sense of cuteness and happiness, that you feel you really love the moment you pick it up. It is not too modern, not too classical, not too mature, not too cute, and it is always right in the middle of trends.
We will suggest a dress that suits you from our carefully selected selection.


Dress quality

The presence of high quality 100% silk dresses. The beauty of delicate lace and beading and embroidery. Perfect silhouette created by craftsmanship and free and fashionable design. Find the dress of your own destiny from the piece that Coutures finished with love.



The accessories purchased in Europe and the United States are only special ones that can not be met in Japan. A simple dress can be combined with a necklace that has a sense of presence, and when it is a decorative dress, the accessories can be discreet, the clutch bag accented, and coordination is free. I will produce a total of contemporary Blythe style that is not tied to theory.


Japanese clothing

Reinterpretation of the taste of the classic and the style of tradition to the taste that suits Japanese women today. A Japanese wedding is a unique opportunity to experience Japanese tradition again through kimono that inherits culture. It is a collection of Japanese clothing lined up with a wide variety of variations, from white indigo, to color cricket, to kimono.


Exclusive shop

The first shop of "The Treat Dressing" is the Fukuoka store, which is an exclusive shop. When you open the door, you will be greeted by the elegant scent of Casablanca. The interior of the store, decorated in pale green and white, has a neat and cute atmosphere. The soft light that pours in from the large windows facing the street gently envelops the brides who wear their dresses inside the store. We have everything from wedding dresses and colored dresses to Japanese clothing and men's wear, and our coordinators will suggest styling that suits each individual.

Party Report
Party Report

(Weekdays 12:00-18:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 8:45-18:00)
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays *Excluding national holidays)