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(平日 12:00~18:00、土日祝 9:00~18:00)


THE LUIGANS Wedding Party: 6 party venues with different themes

From the six banquets that each have their own charm, you can choose a party venue that fulfills your theme.
Not only the royal road wedding, but also the garden and the beach realize a wedding like two people.


The Grand Beach

An open-air banquet "The Grand Beach" where light shines beautifully from a 3-sided glass window. Features a superb view of Hakata Bay with panoramic views and a dedicated wood terrace next to the venue. We will deliver hot dishes to you in the most delicious state from the lively open kitchen in the venue. A homely atmosphere that attracts guests to your two homes is also attractive. The wood deck terrace can also be used for welcome parties and dessert buffets.


The Grand Garden

The Grand Garden is a banquet with a private garden full of seasonal flowers and greenery. Of course, you can also use the entrance lounge from the garden or the second room with sofas in front of the fireplace. There is a party where you can freely go back and forth between the indoors and the garden, despite the high quality of the hotel. We will deliver the most delicious food from our private kitchen.

The ocean's lounge

The Oceans Lounge

Located on the top floor of the hotel, the banquet "The Ocean's Lounge" overlooks Hakata Bay and the Genkai Sea.
You can spend a special time with your guests with a spectacular panoramic view.
Not only can you rent out the entire floor, but there is also a private kitchen, so
You can have an intimate party like inviting you to a private restaurant.
Family-only dinner parties that value meals
It is also ideal for a small group of cozy parties that invite close friends.


The gazebo

The gazebo with a white tent standing in a large garden. Green garden and wood deck. It is possible to have a party in a dramatic situation reminiscent of a wedding abroad. We will have a full-scale resort wedding where you can feel all the sun, wind, sea and green.


The Grand Ocean

Banquet "The Grand Ocean" where panoramic view wedding of one building private party gets. It is a completely reserved type of venue created away from the hotel. One floor can be reserved entirely, so it is ideal for small weddings. Close to the distance from close relatives such as relatives, hospitality with dishes delivered from the open kitchen, luxurious private weddings such as moments on the wood deck.



THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort An outdoor venue with a green garden and poolside that symbolizes the location of THE LUIGANS Garden. There is also an outdoor party where you can enjoy the feeling of a tropical resort in front of a large garden and ocean views, as well as an English garden party in a completely private space. This is one of the largest garden weddings in Japan that can be enjoyed in any direction, giving guests a touch of excitement and surprise.

Party Report
Party Report

(平日 12:00~18:00、土日祝 9:00〜18:00)
(火曜・水曜定休 ※祝祭日除く)