050-1860-4981(平日12:00〜18:00 土日祝9:00〜18:00)


092-603-2345(平日12:00〜18:00 土日祝9:00〜18:00)

(Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays * Excluding public holidays)

Banquets and Meetings

092-603-2435(営業時間 10:00〜18:00(月水金))



THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort


Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about accommodation, restaurants, weddings, banquets and conferences, spas, shops, facilities & services, children and more. Please refer to it before making an inquiry.


Is there a parking lot?

It is available free of charge for customers using each facility in the hotel. Please present a parking ticket for receipt at the front desk.

Can you arrange a taxi or car rental?

We accept reservations at the front desk. Please inquire in advance.

What time is the check-in time?

The regular check-in will be from 15:00 (depending on the plan). Please contact us if it is past 20:00.

Can you keep my luggage?

Luggage for guests is kept at the reception.

What is the payment method for the price?

In our hotel, when we pay by credit card, we have you register card number. Please note.

Is there a child fee for sleeping together?

Children above elementary school age are advised to pay the same room rate as adults. Children under elementary school age can stay free of charge when using existing beds.

Do you have an extra bed?

We will prepare for a fee. Please contact us in advance as there are room types that can not be prepared.

Do you have baby bed rentals?

Available free of charge (target age under 1). However, please contact us in advance, as the number is limited.

When will a cancellation fee be charged?



Do you have non-smoking rooms?

All rooms in the Luigans are non-smoking rooms.

Do you have a humidifier rental?

We have prepared humidified air purifier in all rooms.

Can you use the internet?

Wireless LAN is available in all rooms free of charge.

How big is your bed?

ツインタイプベッド 130cm × 190cm
ダブルタイプベッド 160cm × 190cm
エキストラベッド  110cm × 190cm

Do you allow pets?

Pets are not allowed.

Do you have hot bath facilities?

There is no hot spring available, but there is a large public bath (with a sauna) that can be used exclusively for hotel guests.

How can I use the tennis court?

ホテルから徒歩3分の場所にテニスコートがございます。(株)エフ・ジェイ ホテルズ 海の中道マリーナ&テニス様が運営しておりますので、ご利用の際はお問い合わせください。

海の中道マリーナ & テニス

Can I see the sea from my room?

From the windows of the room, you can overlook the pool and green garden under your eyes, and the ocean blue of Hakata Bay will be followed, and the panoramic view of the sky and the sea will be spread. All rooms offer spectacular views of Hakata Bay ocean views.

About the free shuttle




Where is the restaurant for breakfast? Can I make a reservation?

You can enjoy it on the ground floor the lounge on the water. It is not a reservation system, please enjoy between 7:00 and 10:00.

I do not stay at the hotel, can I eat breakfast?

Of course, guests other than hotel guests can also use it. Please enjoy the resort breakfast at the beginning of a wonderful day.

Is the restaurant completely reserved?

Although it is not a complete reservation system, it is recommended to make a reservation as it is expected to be particularly busy on the weekend. Please feel free to contact us.

Can I specify a seat?

I'm sorry. We do not ask you to specify your seat. It is a guide in the order you have made a reservation. We accept reservations from 2 months ago, so please feel free to contact us.

We will use it for celebrations, can you arrange flowers and cakes?

We will prepare it according to the customer's request. We will do our best to make it a wonderful anniversary day. Please inquire at the request.

Is there a cafe where you can spend a relaxing tea time?

Only the cafe can be used at The Lounge On The Water. Enjoy a non-everyday space slowly from a cup of coffee.

Can I bring in wine?

Yes it is possible. We will charge ¥ 3,500 for each bottle. Please offer at the time of reservation.

Can I bring in a cake?

I'm sorry. Not served at the restaurant. It is possible to eat in your room when you stay.

Is there a charge for parking if I eat at the restaurant?

Parking is available free of charge. For those coming by car, we also introduce a driving agency service.

Is there a restaurant where I can take my children?

Available at all restaurants. It is used a lot in the family. Please contact us as there are plates for children.

Do they have a dress code?

There are no special offers, so please feel free to come and visit us with your favorite dishes. Please do not use the slippers provided in the room.

Can I use it for a second party or a small gathering?

Yes, you can have a wonderful party with your friends in an unusual resort space. It is also available at family dinners and girls' meetings. We have a variety of party plans available so please contact us by phone.


Can you visit on weekdays?


フェアにご参加いただいた皆様には、<ザ・ルイガンズ.スパ & リゾート ペア宿泊券>をプレゼントさせていただいております。その他にも、<1件目来館特典><午前中来館特典>など、さまざまな特典をご用意しておりますので、フェアのご予約お待ちしております。

平日12:00〜19:00 土日祝9:00〜19:00

平日12:00〜19:00 土日祝9:00〜19:00


Do you have children's food?

A children's lunch (for lower grades) ¥ 3,000 and a child course (for higher grades) ¥ 5,000 are available. Other allergy compatible menus are also available.

Can you tour alone?


Is there a place where you can store your luggage etc during the party?

Yes. We have a cloak room. All luggage except valuables are kept. You can also send the costumes of guests in the distance by mail in advance.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

Even when it rains, there is a wedding space indoors. Please rest assured.

Is there a waiting room for the bride and groom?

Yes. We have a makeup room for you.

Can I have a wedding in winter?

Yes. Of course it is possible to have a wedding. You are using the wedding space located indoors.

Can you give me a dressing or hair and makeup for the guests?

We also offer dressing and hair makeup for people in the audience. We have a changing room for women available all day, so you can wear it yourself and receive only the hair set.

There are a lot of guests in the distance, can you introduce the accommodation etc?

Yes. We would like to introduce you to the hotel accommodation and surrounding hotels.

Do you have a wheelchair?

I prepared it. We rent it for free. Please be assured that there is also a restroom for the disabled.

Do you have a shuttle bus etc?

We have a courtesy bus for both families. In addition, a free shuttle bus operates at Hearts Bus Station Hakata, a 5-minute walk from JR Hakata Station. There is no need to make reservations at the 4th floor on the first floor, so please use it freely. Please see the access page for shuttle bus timetables and precautions.

Is there a parking lot?

Yes. We have a private parking lot. (Can park 10 large buses and 100 passenger cars)

Is there a waiting room for relatives?

We will prepare according to the number of relatives.

Please tell me about access.

About 30 minutes by car from JR "Hakata" station.

Banquet / Conference

Can I offer catering service (business trip banquet)?


平日 9:00~19:00 土日祝 10:00~19:00

Do you have a small meeting room?

We offer private rooms of various sizes. We hope you will experience a fulfilling meeting at the resort.

Can you settle it?

We are preparing in the small banquet room or the private room of the restaurant. There is also a recommended dinner party plan for the late arrival.

Is there a parking lot?

There are 100 parking spaces. If you attend the banquet, you will be given a parking service ticket.

Is transfer possible?

A shuttle bus operates from "HEARTS bus station Hakata" at a 5-minute walk from JR "Hakata" station at any time. Please be free to contact us as we will arrange a free private shuttle bus depending on the number of people and your plan when using groups.


What time is the business hours?

It is from 11:00 to 22:00 (final receptionist 20:00).

What kind of facilities do you have?

Treatment rooms (3 rooms), hot spa (public bath), sauna, powder room, relaxation area are available.

How long before reservation time should I go?

Please come to the spa reception at the reservation time (visit time) you mentioned at the time of booking. If you want to take a bath before treatment please come with enough time. Please be aware that extension of the end time can not be accepted when arriving late due to your convenience.

How old are you from?

Available to guests 18 years of age and older.

How long should I stay?

We will guide you in about one and a half to two hours.

Do you have anything to bring?

All necessary amenities and basic cosmetics are available at our facility. If you are going to remake after treatment, please bring your own makeup.

What kind of clothes are you wearing?

At the time of treatment, we will prepare your own gown, so please change your clothes in the locker room. You can use bathrobes and slippers only when using the stairs directly connected to the public bath (the second floor).

Are treatments on a reservation basis?

Please make an advance reservation. We offer a spa menu that meets your needs.

Are you unable to make a reservation due to your health condition?

If you are out of hospital, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis, who are pregnant may be refused. Please refrain from taking alcohol immediately before and after treatment.

Please tell me the content of the treatment.

While being surrounded by the essence of YON-KA, we offer body massage with aroma oil, hot stone therapy and facial care. We will propose a menu according to your wishes and concerns. Please contact the spa reception.

Which goes first, lunch or spa treatment?

At your convenience, it can be used from either. However, spa and lunch use will be available on the same day.

What kind of treatment do you receive?

Basically it will be 45 minutes for Aroma Body Treatment. The contents change according to the season, so please contact the spa.


Is there a convenience store?

It's about 10 minutes drive from the hotel. Confectionery, drinks, minimum daily necessities, etc. are sold at "the shop" on the first floor of the hotel. Please feel free to ask me if there is anything you are looking for.

Do you have baby products sold in the hotel?

We sell diapers and toys at the shop on the first floor.

Can I buy the dishes used in the restaurant?

Some dishes can be purchased at the restaurant reception desk or at the shop on the first floor.

Can I buy souvenirs at the hotel?

Here you can purchase not only amenities and souvenirs of Fukuoka, but also a variety of other items such as our original The Luigans Spa & Resort merchandise, Tebiyamaya brand soup stock, and clothing and accessories from the shop FROM WHERE I STAND.

Facility & Service

Is there a free shuttle bus to the hotel?

I prepared it. 9 flights a day, "Heart Bus Station Hakata" is a 5-minute walk from the hotel and JR "Hakata" station. Please check the arrival and arrival times for each from the timetable on the access page.

Is there a place in the hotel where I can use a PC?

Wireless network systems are available at the hotel. Wifi is fully equipped in the hall, too. (No password)

What credit cards do you accept?


I would like to take a small child and use it.

小学生未満のお客様について、ご宿泊の場合は以下のようにご案内しております。添い寝無料 エキストラベッド利用¥8,000~(季節によって変更有)また、ベビーベッドのレンタルやお子様用のアメニティもご用意いたします。ご予約の際スタッフへお申し付けください。レストランなどパブリックスペースもお子様と一緒にご利用いただけますのでご安心くださいませ。

Can I arrange childcare facilities and babysitters?




Can you dress me up and make it up?

We will guide you by reservation. If you are visiting for a wedding, please check the "To All Members" page.

Can you make a memorial photo at the hotel?


(平日 9:00~19:00 土・日曜日 10:00~19:00)

Do you have gift certificates or hotel gift certificates?

We offer tickets for accommodation, restaurants and spas. Please feel free to ask.

Can I stay with my pet? Is there a place where you can leave your pet?


Please tell me the way to the surrounding tourist spots.


Is there a catering service?


(平日 9:00~19:00 土・日曜日 10:00~19:00)

"THE LUIGANS What does it mean?

A simple, geometrically modernist architecture based on white by Luis Barragan (permanent on November 22, 1988), one of Mexico's leading architects, who won the Prizker Prize in 1980. The design of the hotel was based on the distinctive design taste using the bright primary color wall, boldly incorporating the water surface and light. With a tribute to Mr. Louis Barragan THE LUIGANS It bears the name (THE LUIGANS).

Can the pool swim all year round?

As it is an outdoor pool and not a heated water, it is only available to guests of the hotel in summer.

Can you swim on the beach in front of the hotel?

The beach in front of the hotel is a swimming prohibited area. We will guide you to the nearby Shikajima Beach.


How old are you in bed?

Guests under elementary school age can stay in existing bed free of charge. Guests over the age of elementary school are guided at the same room rate as adults.

Do you have children's amenities?

We have nightwear (size 120 cm only), toothbrushes and slippers for children. Please feel free to tell us when making a reservation.

Is there a nursery in the hotel?



お電話でのお問い合わせ 092-603-2525(24時間受付)

Do you have baby bed rentals?

We offer it free of charge. There is a limit to the number of units, so please apply as soon as possible.

Is there a meal menu for children?

There are several types of meals such as "Kids plate" for children, curry and bolognese. You can enjoy it at any restaurant, so please feel free to contact us. (Kids plate ¥ 1,500)






050-1860-4981(平日12:00〜18:00 土日祝9:00〜18:00)


092-603-2345(平日12:00〜18:00 土日祝9:00〜18:00)

(Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays * Excluding public holidays)

Banquets and Meetings