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(平日 12:00~18:00、土日祝 9:00~18:00)

party report

THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort Party Report

[NEW] Relatives marriage on the top floor of the hotel <Cozy WEDDING with a small number of people>

Banquet hall: The Ocean's Lounge

Wedding style: Christian

Number of attendees: 17 people

ーParty Reportー

A couple living in Kanto and working in the beauty industry

The wedding will be held in Fukuoka, where the groom's parents' home is located.

Relatives invited

We chartered the top floor of the Luigans hotel and enjoyed the scenery and delicious food.

We will introduce a warm wedding ceremony with a homely atmosphere unique to a small number of people.

ーFirst Meetー

The bride kept her wedding dress a secret from the groom until the day of her wedding

Head to the groom who is waiting in front of the pink wall

The moment I turned around, the groom who showed a slightly shy smile was impressive.


The wedding was a Christian ceremony at Luigans Chapel.

A chapel with soft natural light and warm wood grain

When the bride's father and groom pass the baton on the virgin road

You were shaking hands firmly

All the relatives are watching the situation with a smile.

Two cute ring boys and ring girls are also very active

You delivered a precious ring firmly

On the way from the chapel to the reception hall

Take a commemorative group photo in the garden

While the refreshing wind that feels the season blows through

Everyone smiled and waved at the cameraman's shout.

-The Ocean's Lounge-

The couple who wanted to get married in a small group chose

"The Ocean's Lounge" where you can reserve the top floor of the hotel

When you enter the venue, you can see the vast lawn, sea, and sky all over the window.

All the guests were chatting while enjoying the scenery from the window.

Hakata Bay and Genkai Sea, two seas can be seen from the venue

A one-of-a-kind venue

ーFlower Coordinationー

The coordination is "natural rustic"

Arrangement using stumps with florets and greens in small vases

Lavender blue is the accent color

The main table is intentionally not set up so that guests can feel free to come to the two of them.

I suggested a sofa style

The welcome area is decorated with antique birdcages and photo stands.

I decorated the memories of the two of us

ーBefore Wedding Partyー

So that you can freely take pictures from the guest's perspective on each table

I put my instant camera

Parents and children guests are starting to take pictures immediately

I'm looking forward to developing what kind of photos are packed.

ーWedding Partyー

Greetings from the father of the bride

You left your parents' house and are active in your work while living far away.

A message full of love was given to the bride who is starting a new life this time

Even the father, the bride, and the groom wiped away the tears in their eyes.

In the case of a small marriage, instead of greeting the guest of honor, give a greeting or a toast to the representative of the family like this.

Parents may also serve

It is also attractive to have a homely atmosphere by talking with people who are close to you.

Enjoy a leisurely chat after the toast

Families gather on the main sofa seat

The bride and groom were free to move

The wedding cake is a flower cake that matches the decorations of the venue.

To the children who served as ring boys and ring girls at the wedding ceremony

Thank you byte

The appearance of eating the cake given by the ring girl child is also adorable.

The venue was filled with a peaceful atmosphere.

Time for a leisurely chat

The fathers of both families were drinking with each other

A child guest took a nap on the two sofas

I was able to spend time with everyone in a close distance because it was only my relatives.

The couple presented their parents with a lemon tree with the flower language of "sincere love".

He said he wanted to convey "thank you" through the wedding ceremony.

It was a perfect gift for the two of us.

ーAfter Wedding Partyー

Relatives of brides who come from afar stay at Luigans

Take a walk in the garden and have fun at the bar

We enjoyed our stay at the resort

The groom's relatives will be picked up near their home by a private bus

The bride and groom also waved their hands until the bus disappeared.

party report