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THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort Topics

[STAY] Luigans Retreat Plan

Feel the majestic nature with your five senses. Spend a blissful time "re-examining yourself" here at Luigans.

[ANNIVERSARY] Proposal support

The dedicated proposal concierge will support your proposal only for two people.


May your life be enriched by touching wonderful works and the thoughts of artists. It is a project with such a feeling.


Japan's first container-type sauna located in the Luigans lawn area. Please enjoy the high-quality relaxing space at the resort.

[SPA] Limited to 2 groups per day! Spa & Lunch available from 3 stores

We have prepared a set plan that includes spa treatment and lunch.

Uminaka Tabi | Uminonakamichi, Saitozaki x Shikanoshima

Fully enjoy the Uminonakamichi, Saitozaki x Shikanoshima area! Luigans is also participating in "Uminakatabi".

[EVENT] Photo Plan

Various milestones such as coming-of-age ceremony, school bag photo, wedding anniversary, maternity photo. Do you not feel free to leave a photograph by a professional photographer?

About recruiting staff

We are looking for those who work together in a resort space while looking at the sea.

[ACTIVITY] RENTAL BIKE | Electric assist bicycle

We have prepared a rental cycle plan for the latest electric assist bicycle "VanMoof" born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


You can put the food of the restaurant in a private box and enjoy it in the garden or guest room

[SHOP] Basque cheese cake takeout

You can now take out many of your requests!

[EVENT] Baby Massage & Lunch

We have prepared lesson events that can be enjoyed by babies and moms.

Luigans Official LINE Start!

The LINE official account has been created. We will deliver seasonal events and recommended information.