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THE LUIGANS Spa & Resort Topics

[STAY] Luigans Retreat Plan

Feel the majestic nature with your five senses. Spend a blissful time "re-examining yourself" here at Luigans.

[EVENT] The Cinema Night Fukuoka

A tradition of Louis Guns. Please enjoy the masterpiece while feeling the refreshing night breeze.

[ANNIVERSARY] Proposal support

The dedicated proposal concierge will support your proposal only for two people.

【DINNER】Resort Christmas 2023


[INFO] Information about sales

Regarding business after June 2023, we will partially change the guidance hours and will be closed.

[RESTAURANT] 29th of every month is “meat day”

The 29th of every month is called Meat Day, and you can enjoy the meat menu at a special price.

Uminaka Tabi | Uminonakamichi, Saitozaki x Shikanoshima

Fully enjoy the Uminonakamichi, Saitozaki x Shikanoshima area! Luigans is also participating in "Uminakatabi".


Japan's first container-type sauna located in the Luigans lawn area. Please enjoy the high-quality relaxing space at the resort.


May your life be enriched by touching wonderful works and the thoughts of artists. It is a project with such a feeling.

[EVENT] Photo Plan

Various milestones such as coming-of-age ceremony, school bag photo, wedding anniversary, maternity photo. Do you not feel free to leave a photograph by a professional photographer?

About recruiting staff

We are looking for those who work together in a resort space while looking at the sea.

[ACTIVITY] RENTAL BIKE | Electric assist bicycle

We have prepared a rental cycle plan for the latest electric assist bicycle "VanMoof" born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.